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Voodoo aka #BlindBae

voodoo aka blindbae

NSPCA alum & blind tuxedo

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  1. trueprogressive

    Voodoo demonstrates that blindness is not a handicap and can actually be an asset when the nose and ears are what’s needed to locate the best stuff in the house!

  2. Jmarisol05


  3. courtneyluv737

    Such a sweetheart!! ❤️

  4. Mary Ann Worley

    I’ll bet he negotiates his way around the house with echo-location!!

  5. Raenkatz

    Yay VooDoo! Eyes schmeyes 😝

    • Nikki

      My vote is for Voodoo! What a doll!

    • NicoletteWM

      This little guy short on sight, but long on personality!

    • voodoo

      Love it! Thank you!!

  6. voodoo

    Miss Voodoo was adopted from the Nevada SPCA in early July 2018. She was born without eyes and is 100% blind. Voodoo’s human parents were VERY nervous to adopt their first special needs animal and didn’t know how hard it may be to prepare their home for her… Her human parents just could not leave her at the NSPCA and just had to take her home. It was something about her wild curiosity and there was an instant attraction to her ears being too big for her body that made them fall in love with her. They had the attitude of “we’ll figure things out.” Once they got her home, they quickly learned that she’s smarter than they are! They had to make zero changes to their three-story home (she’s an excellent stair-navigator even while running) and only have to watch occasionally to remember to push in a chair or too at dinner or else Voodoo may run into it. In fact, Voodoo’s parent’s run into more furniture than she does!

    She’s extremely inquisitive. You’d think that loud, abrupt noises would scare her like they do with other cats, but she reacts very differently! She checks out and investigates any unknown noises, smells, movements, etc. She is extra expressive, very vocal, lovey, intelligent, hyper, playful, and always happy. She LOVES playing fetch with Christmas bows and bouncy balls. She adores her two older fur-siblings: a 13 year old tabby and a 4 year old calico (also adopted from the Nevada SPCA!).

    Looking to bring more awareness to adoptable special needs animals and show that they are just as perfect as all the rest! Our family simply would not be complete without her and we can not imagine not taking the leap back in July 2018 by adopting her without knowing how it would be having a blind cat. (Amazingly, it really is NO different!) She continues to teach us every day how special life is and that despite any challenges one may face, any obstacle can be overcome and you can life a great, fulfilled life. When we come home after a stressful, terrible day- Voodoo’s happiness always greets us and gives us all an instant mood boost.

    Please check out more of Voodoo here:
    Instagram: @miss_voodoo_laveau

    Thank you all in advance for showing us so much love! Voodoo sends a thank you MEOW! Xxo


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